The Cheshire Bloodhounds was started in 2013 by Charles & Julie Finney 

Why not come and try hunting with Cheshire Bloodhounds, we are a newly formed hunt who will cater for all levels from Novice to Experienced riders.  We hunt from September to Mid March, we meet once a week on a Sunday at 11.30am.
All our Masters and Hunt Staff thrive on giving people a great fun filled day out hunting and do this voluntary, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
We owe a lot of thanks to our farmers, who's land we hunt across. Our hunt aims at giving farmers something back for their generosity, and also charities.

Most people will start hunting with a pack of bloodhounds  because they want an enjoyable and sometimes challenging ride across country; many then develop an interest in the way the hounds work and the magical bond between them and their huntsmen.

The Cheshire Bloodhounds hopes that many more people will learn the magic of hunting, enjoy the opportunity to interact with the countryside and appreciate those who care for our rural landscape.

Any farmers who are willing to allow us to cross their land, please contact us.